My First Day In Europe – Norway

Cue the Jay-Z voice ’cause……. I just landed in Europe! I could write on and on about traveling and I wasn’t really sure where to begin so today I simply want to focus on how life changing my first day in Europe was. We landed in Oslo, and I was particularly excited to explore Norway for a number of reasons. One of those reasons was that I am part Norwegian and have some rather famous Norwegian ancestors; a second reason was that I considered it a relatively unique place to go for my first rendezvous in Europe. Accompanied by my lovely boyfriend and his energetic cousin, we disembarked our plane determined to see what this magical country had to offer.

We were extremely lucky and a little bit daring with our accommodations. Through an application called Couchsurfers we came into contact with a vibrant young Ukrainian lady named Anastasia who agreed to host us in her house in Drammen, fo’ free! I have to admit I was a tad apprehensive, and I don’t know if I would particularly recommend this style of traveling. However, we struck gold because staying with Anastasia was one of the highlights of our trip! Her place was amazing, she cooked us a traditional Norwegian dinner, and even took us out to one of the locals’ bars. Fantastic is an understatement. Thank you times a million, Ana!

Nick and Anastasia enjoying some famous Oslo hotdogs

So, after settling into Ana’s place we decided we should take it easy since we had been traveling without sleep for 24 hours straight. Or maybe that is what any sane group of people would have decided, but not us. We could not sit still for one second, so we quickly hopped on a bus, pointed towards the mountains and said, “We want to go hiking over there”. Upon arrival we thanked the bus driver and started climbing up and up and up this mountain which I’m not sure was even meant to be hiked. We found an abandoned ski lift and climbed up to see the view. This is one of the life changing moments I will never forget. Stillness. I have never experienced such a quiet stillness. Green. Green stretched as far as the eye can see. Quiet. Quiet as the sun beat down at us almost smiling as we gawked at the natural beauty it was illuminating. And a gentle breeze blew flower petals into the shimmering sun rays. It sounds like a fairy tale because it was a fairy tale. I felt like I was in another world, another lifetime, another universe.

There is so much more about this day I could go on about from finding a gorge, to tumbling back down the mountain, sunny midnight hot chocolates, a free $50 drink, and singing in the streets of Oslo. But I feel like I’ve already babbled on way too much for one post. So I will include all of that in A Whole New World 2.0. I’m not sure if words can encapsulate to others how magical I felt on this day, but if I can look back on this post and remember how I felt than it is more than worth writing it. Never stop adventuring… xo

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