5 Places You Can’t Miss In Copenhagen, Denmark

I didn’t know what to expect from Copenhagen. As someone with Norwegian blood I suppose I inherited that friendly rivalry between the countries. I am thrilled to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Copenhagen mixes a big-city-feel with the charming village aspect most Nordic countries possess. I only had 48 hours in Copenhagen, and with no plan in mind I wandered aimlessly for miles – until my feet, back, and spirit were aching. I made this guide so you don’t have to endure the uncertainty that I did. Whether you are here on a layover or for your entire vacation, here are my top 5 spots you cannot miss in this amazing city!

1. Church of Our Savior, Copenhagen


Completed in 1752, Church of Our Savior is one of the most popular churches in Denmark. You can pay 35 – 45 DNK (5-6 US Dollars) to climb up to the top! If you can make it up the 400 steps of spiraling staircases, you can see the most spectacular view over Copenhagen. I’m not going to lie, I was clinging on tight to the side railings… our windy day made the tower feel like it was rocking!

When we arrived at the top, the view was truly breathtaking

2. Tivoli Gardens


Tivoli Gardens is the little Disney World of the north. It is such a cute, fun little place which to me represents the happy nature of Denmark. The entrance fee is 99 DKK ($15), but you can stay there all day! There’s beautiful nature and wildlife to see, rides (costs extra), live shows, live music, and food and drinks. We loved laying on the lawn, and cuddling up while watching an upbeat silent play.


3. Freetown Christiania

The Freetown of Christiania is one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been. Christiania is a green and car free neighborhood best known for hippie inhabitants and self proclaimed autonomous way of life. Tourist can purchase marijuana here from guys in ski masks and enjoy the art and food around the small neighborhood. The town has a very suspicious vibe, and one time while we were there the swat team actually came by! However, you’ll find it is very safe and everyone is respectful of each other as long as you follow the town rules: 1) No Photos, 2) No Running, and 3) No Fighting. This self-governed town is like nothing you’ll experience anywhere else, so you don’t want to miss it during your time in Copenhagen. Grab some tea at a cafe and stroll along this peculiar town and enjoy everything it has to offer!

4. Nyhavn


This is probably the most picturesque street in all of Copenhagen! Here you can wander around the canals and enjoy all the colorful 17th century apartments. You’ll also pass beautiful wooden boats, and plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants.

5. Lagkagehuset


Last, but certainly not least, you cannot leave Copenhagen without trying a Danish pastry. I came back to this specific cafe to try that strawberry covered treat on the top shelf. It’s hard to believe, but it tasted even better than it looks. You will find bakeries all over Copenhagen offering delicious fresh-baked goods. If you want to try this amazing strawberry deliciousness (which I highly recommend) visit the Lagkagehuset on Nyhavn!


Those are just 5 things that I believe you cannot miss while exploring Copenhagen! This city is so special, and I loved all of the charm, architecture, culture, history, and city-fun that it had to offer. It’s definitely become one of my top spots in Europe. I cannot wait to return here soon, and get another one of those strawberry cakes!

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