7 Outstanding Things to Do in Prague, Czech Republic

Ah Prague, the sought-after city of the East. With it’s gorgeous castles, cobblestone streets, and medieval vibes – it’s no wonder why this spot is at the top of a lot of travelers lists. I too got lost in the beauty of Prague, which seems to be timeless, and transport you to a different world. If quaint medieval houses, and breathtaking views are not enough to inspire you to cross Prague off of your list then take a look at the 7 outstanding things to do in this incredible city:

  1. Visit The Charles Bridge at Sunrise – This bridge was one of my own personal highlights of Prague. Decorated with gothic statues, this historic bridge crosses Prague’s Vltava River. We woke up at sunrise to snap this photo (4:30 a.m.), and it was absolutely magical.


2. Check Out The Astronomical Clock – You can find this 607 year old clock in Old Town Square. This amazing clock has astonishing history behind it, and was built to display astronomical information, such as the positions of the planets and stars in the sky. (Update: I was kindly informed that the clock is under repair until next year!)

3. Old Town Square – This is a medieval square in the old town of Prague. Here you can admire medieval churches, statues, and memorials. There are also plenty of places to grab a bite with a view!

4. Explore Prague Castle – Up on a hill with its black and gothic presence, one cannot miss the Prague Castle. It was said to be built in the year 880 by Prince Borijov. It is gorgeous, and has a great view of the city. Tickets are only $15 for full admission. 

5. Stroll Around Letna Park – Across the Cechuv Bridge exists a wooded and friendly park on a hill. It is also easily one of the best views of Prague from above. Enjoy your favorite beverage and partake in some friendly dog watching or admire the view. IMG_0653

6. Climb the Old Town Bridge Tower – Just before entering old town you will pass under an old gothic bell tower. For just a few Czech koruna, you can make your way to the top and snap a magazine worthy photo of Old Town Square.IMG_1396

7. Visit the Hemingway Bar  – This is a bar inspired by Ernest Hemingway, with truly leading edge cocktail creations and presentations. Sit and stay awhile to enjoy the first-class atmosphere. 

So there you have it, the 7 places you can’t miss in Prague. There are dozens more outstanding spots in this city, but these are the top picks that you cannot leave without experiencing. Prague will always be one of my favorite cities in the world, and it’s timeless majesty will continue to steal the hearts of travelers everywhere. Bon Voyage

24 thoughts on “7 Outstanding Things to Do in Prague, Czech Republic

  1. I would love to go there…on my ‘bucket list’ is a tour of Budapest, Prague and Vienna…maybe someday! So glad the post made you smile 🙂 A future collab sounds great! 🙂 Love that you have been to so many amazing places, happy travelling!

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  2. Yes Prague!!! I saw it from afar once in 1992 on a school bus tour to Poland. Haven’t been since :/ Would love to go. Sight. Another place I’d love to go to!!!


  3. Prague is definitely on my bucket list, and now the Hemingway Bar is too! But really, I’ve always been fascinated by the castles and the medieval feel to the place. And I love the idea of walking The Charles Bridge at sunrise — can’t imagine how cool those statues (and the entire area) must look in that light!!

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    1. Do it!!!!!! I had the time of my life in Prague, if I could go back right now I would… plus flights to Europe are really cheap right now! Travel hack tip from one traveler to another: I’m subscribed to the site getmetoeurope.com and they always send ridculously cheap flight deals to Europe. I went to Paris in March for $350 last year it was amazinggggg.

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