How to Stay Fit While Traveling (And Still Eat All the Food) 

I always thought of vacation as a little break from eating healthy and exercise. To me, vacation was a time to eat, drink, and not worry about silly little things like “calories” or “saturated fat”. I believe traveling is about an indulgence of culture, exploration, and yes…. food. I would never think of giving up the taste of a new food on one of my travels due to the thought that it doesn’t align with my healthy meal plan back home.  Enjoying appetizers and having drinks at the bar with new companions I met along the way became the norm. However, once I began traveling for longer periods of time, I realized that this “indulgent” life style was catching up with me, and it started to take a toll on my body and mind. So, I came up with some tricks on how to stay fit while still enjoying all the pleasures of vacation: 

Hiking in Pictured Rocks, Michigan


Start Before You Leave

If you know you are going to go on vacation, and maybe have a few more desserts than you usually would at home, start preparing early. Eat really healthy and crank up your workouts before you leave to ensure that you are embarking on your trip with a healthy head start.

Pack Healthy Snacks for the Plane Ride 

I have been guilty on munching on some unhealthy snacks on a plane because I forgot to pack healthy alternatives. If you plan ahead and pack dried fruits, nuts, or kale chips, then you’ll be less tempted to buy that in-flight bag of chips when hunger strikes (besides, it’s way cheaper anyways!).

Stay Hydrated 

This is my number one most important rule just for staying healthy in general while traveling. Drinking water will help you stay full, flush out toxins, and keep your energy up. Especially since you will be on the go a lot, keep a water bottle handy! 

Incorporate Greens 

Sure, you can get the Shrimp Scampi in Italy, and eat all the croissants your heart desires. Try to sneak in some healthy greens now and again. Whether it be a side salad, or swapping out fries for veggies – getting that serving of vitamins and nutrients will go a long way. 


Walk Everywhere 



And I mean everywhere. Breakfast 2 blocks down? Walk. Museum in the afternoon? Walk. On vacation, I usually walk 5-15 miles everyday. This really helps compensate all of the extra food I am eating. 

Sneak Exercise Into Activities 

This is really easy and really fun to do. Make your daily itinerary revolve around doing something active! Ideas include: biking around a city, hiking, kayaking, swimming, climbing/exploring around a castle, or dancing!

Do Yoga 

When you wake up in the morning, and before you go to sleep, take a minute to stretch and do some yoga poses. This is not only beneficial for fitness, but also jetlag and mental health!

FullSizeRender.jpg-2 2

Take Vitamins 

You probably are not eating as healthy as you would at home, so you are lacking on some essential vitamins and minerals. Taking a multivitamin every day will help you make up for your body’s temporary lack of nutrients.

Do a 5 minute Pre-Shower workout

You’re about to take a shower anyways, so you might as well get sweaty! Take 5 minutes before your shower to get your heartrate up with this workout:

30 seconds – jump squats          

30 seconds – jumping jacks 

30 seconds – push ups 

30 seconds – high knees 

30 seconds – burpees 

(Repeat x2)

These are just a few tips that you can use to stay in shape and feel great while traveling. I fully believe that it is important to enjoy yourself on vacation, so if you want that carb filled breakfast, go for it! You’ll have enough time to get back on track when you get home. These tips will help you feeling good about yourself- body and mind, so you can enjoy your trip guilt-free!

22 thoughts on “How to Stay Fit While Traveling (And Still Eat All the Food) 

  1. Great tips here for staying healthy. The one thing I would add is to participate in local physical activities. For example, while in Thailand, I tried Muy Thai, the national sport. A fun way to stay active while enjoying the local sports activities.

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