The Guide to The Perfect Fall Getaway in Colorado

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Colorado is by far one of the most scenic and adventure-filled states to travel to. You can’t get on the highway in Colorado without being stunned by jaw-dropping views, reaching mountains, and winding creeks. Originally, this was going to be a post about “Things to Do in Breckenridge” over a long weekend. However, due to an unforeseen extension to this vacation (we’re looking at you, Hurricane Irma) I now have a lot more to write about! It’s true that unexpected adventures always end up being the greatest. Fall is a gorgeous time to visit Colorado because the weather is cooling, the Aspens are changing, and the lighting is picturesque. So, here are unique and exciting things to do all over Colorado in the fall: 


Breckenridge Colorado Fall Beautiful Trees

We’ll start with Breckenridge, where my trip was supposed to begin and end. Breckenridge is an adorable Ski Town tucked in a valley, lined with your heart’s desire of restaurants, souvenir shops, and breweries. 

Some of our favorite spots in Breckenridge were: Breckenridge Brewery, Burke and Riley’s Irish Pub, Mountain Top Cookie Shop, and Brooklyn’s Tavern and Billiards.

Now, in the September you most likely aren’t going to be able to gear up for skiing, but the weather is perfect to walk around and take in the scenery. The colors of Colorado are beautiful in the fall, so keep an eye out for red, orange, and yellow trees lining the streets. Toward the center of the city there is a cute stream people enjoy relaxing around. 

If you are looking for a day excursion and have a car, consider driving up to Boreas Pass. The exciting ride up the mountain has drop-dead gorgeous views, and if you’re lucky you will see some of the golden Aspens start to change. Once you’re up to the top of the road you can park and do a hike up to the top of the mountains for this incredible view:

Boreas Pass Colorado Gorgeous View

Other notable things to do around Breckenridge are: 

  • fly fishing 
  • day trip to Buena Vista 
  • mountain biking 
  • horse back riding 
  • ATV riding 


Leadville Colorado Mine Tour

Leadville was one of the more interesting stops, but we had an absolute blast, and I recommend it for anyone who is willing to try something different (Warning: not for the claustrophobic type). 

In Leadville we descended 600 ft. down in a private mine at Bob’s Hopemore Mine Tour. The name Hopemore comes from the owner Bob, who purchased the land after he believed there was still more gold to be found in the seemingly depleted mine. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, and there was something eerily adrenaline-pumping about being deep inside the Earth in the pitch black. I definitely recommend doing this tour! 

By the way, this was definitely not your typical mine tour. In order to descend we had to squeeze into an incredibly small elevator.  It was so small that the tour guide Bob had to ride on top! 

After our tour we walked around the historic mining town of Leadville, and even popped in an old saloon.


Union Station Denver Colorado Fall

Ah, Denver, what a wonderful city! Whenever I’m in Denver I always have to stop by my favorite breakfast place Snooze A.M. Eatery. They have the most decadent pancakes for all my sweet tooths out there, and their Barbacoa Eggs Benedicts is a must-try! 

During the day we walked around Union Station and explored the Saturday flee market. 

I also stopped by some of my favorite rooftop bars, Viewhouse and Linger. This time around I only had one night in Denver, and I used it to see a Rockies game. This guide is perfect a full itinerary of things to do in Denver. 


Boulder Colorado Flatiron Hike

The next (unexpected) part of our trip was spent in Boulder. We were fortunate enough to be able to stay with  a family member after a flight cancellation due to Hurricane Irma. Fate took us to Boulder, and we were so fortunate to be hopelessly stuck in such a beautiful city. We’re self-proclaimed Boulder tour guides now (my boyfriend says he’s been to every store on Pearl St. Mall), and will always refer to this trip as “the time we lived in Boulder.”  

We walked up and down Pearl St. Mall, one of the main areas in Downtown Boulder, and explored numerous bars restaurants and shops. Many places offer really amazing specials… some of our favorite stops were: Jax Fish House, Mountain Sun, Avery Brewing, and The Sundowner (1$ shots!) 

During the day we enjoyed going on hikes. One amazing hike we went on was Flatiron 1, a very steep and challenging hike (I may or may not have almost given up), but the view at the top was worth every second of the difficult ascension!

Another gorgeous and easier hike was the Enchanted Mesa Trail, a beautiful trek through meadows and woods, just be sure to watch for bears! 

Beautiful Lake Colorado Fall Blue

If you need a break from hiking (me) the Boulder Farmer’s Market runs on the weekends and offers a variety of local produce, and delicious food. 

One of our favorite days was biking along the Boulder Creek Pass. You can rent bikes from stations all around Boulder, and they are reasonable priced at $3 per 30 minutes. 


Dream Lake Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park

Finally, our trip took us to a stunning hike in Rocky Mountain National Park – Dream Lake Trail. The gorgeous hike up the mountains is lined with streams, waterfalls, wildlife, and astounding views. There are 3 lakes along the trail, and the final lake, Dream Lake, is so awe-inspiring that it’s impossible to resist sitting and staying for awhile. 

After a long day of hiking, we decided to walk around the town of Estes Park. We enjoyed beer and some delicious bites at Estes Park Brewery, and then took to the main street to explore the other shops. Estes Park is also famous for their toffee, which goes great with a warm drink on a cool fall evening! 

Colorado in the fall warms my soul and sparks my imagination. The pure natural beauty and thin air is incomparable. I recommend for anyone who has the means to experience the wonderment of Colorado in the Autumn. 

Colorado Highway in the Fall Beautiful

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  1. Colorado looks so pretty! I have a friend that lives there and I keep telling her I’ll visit. Love the mountains! And, like you said, the fall looks like one of the best seasons.


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