A Day Trip to Assisi, Italy: The Guide



Assisi, Italy is a town and comune in the beautiful region of Umbria. Assisi sits on top of a hill surrounded by colorful and gorgeous rolling fields. One of Assisi’s most notable characteristic (apart from it’s beauty) is that is is the birthplace of Saint Francis of Assisi. Assisi is right in the middle of  Rome and Florence, and is a only short 2 hour train ride away from each.

I remember first walking up to the entrance of this enchanting city, and feeling like this place was something out of a dream or a fairytale. The town of Assisi is quaint and walkable, in-fact most cars aren’t even allowed in the town. It’s cobble stone steps and brick building are reminders of how ancient the town actually is. It has a medieval mixed with fairytale look, with pretty and bright colored pots of flowers and foliage decorating the golden brick walls

Beautiful Flowers in Assisi, Italy

Be Prepared: This city is built on a hill, and it gets HOT in the summer time, so stay hydrated and rest up! You may want to bring a Platypus SoftBottles with Closure Cap because there are water fountains all over the town.

Walk Around & Explore

With steep and winding streets, there is a new spectacular view at every turn. Walk around and admire the flowers, towers, and churches!

Winding Streets of Assisi, Italy

Visit The Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi

The Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi is one of the most important places of Christian pilgrimage in Italy. It was built in 1253, and contains relics and the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi. The exterior of the basilica is also gorgeous, and has a captivating back drop looking over all of Umbria. The inside of the basilica is gorgeous as well; make sure to bring an appropriate cover-up as they do have a dress code.

Church of Saint Francis of Assisi

Grab Coffee and a Bite With a View

Get ready to have your mind blown and eat at the beautiful Ristoranti Taverna dei Consoli.  Their panoramic terrace overlooking the heart of Piazza del Comune, so you can enjoy a scenic and relaxing meal.


The Temple of Minerva

The church is called Santa Maria above Minerva because it is built above ancient Roman temple dedicated to Minerva. The Roman temple boasts six ancient pillars from over 2000 years ago. It is truly one of the treasures that only Italy has to offer.

The Castle on the Hill

The Rocca Maggiore sits on the top of Assisi, and served as a fortress for over 800 years. If you are up for a hike, you can reach this castle on foot – and enjoy the spectacular views at the top.

Sip on Some Wine at Sunset

I couldn’t think of a more perfect setting than Assisi to enjoy some delicious Italian wine. You can choose between signing up for a wine tour, or making a quicker stop at one of the many bars and restaurants. Bibienda Assisi Wine Bar is has a warm, relaxing atmosphere that is ideal for sipping on some tasty red wine.

Italian Wine in Assisi

Shop at Local Artisan and Craft Stores

Assisi has a history of local artists, and you can find many little shops in the squares with adorable souvenirs and pieces of Italian history. Some popular items are: Umbrian cured meat, dried pasta, and chocolate.

Sunset in Assisi, Italy

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