Exploring Paris at Night


As one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris continues to attract millions of lovebirds every year. But it’s not just the romantic setting that the city provides that makes Paris a great getaway destination.

Travel Sign Posts revealed why Paris is also called City of Lights with the nickname originating from the city’s status as a hub of innovation during the Age of Enlightenment, and its early use of street lights. Today, nearly 300 sites in Paris are lit up in different colors at night, which makes exploring the city after dark a different kind of experience altogether.

But with its treasure trove of cultural offerings, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide where to go in the city. Previously, we discussed the ‘21 Most Romantic Things to do in Paris’ on Keani Travel to help you with your trip to the famous city. Now, here are five must-see places and things to do in the City of Lights at night.

Dans Le Noir


This unique restaurant offers an out-of-the-ordinary culinary experience where customers are served their meals in pitch black. Co-founded by the Paul Guinot Foundation for Blind People, all the staff are visually impaired. But the concept wasn’t just based on the restaurants support for the Foundation for the Blind; the concept was also based on the phenomenon that the loss of one sense can enhance the diners other senses including their sense of smell as taste.

The Lido De Paris


The Lido De Paris is a cabaret extravaganza that might be on its way to stand up to the globally famous Moulin Rouge. Located along the Champs-Elysées, it features the popular burlesque group, the Bluebells, decked in glittering costumes against glamorous backdrops. You can enjoy a meal while you’re treated to a show that represents both the sensual and flamboyant side of Paris.

Le Nid


Despite being a foodie capital, many Parisians like to pair their cocktails with something new: board games. Referred to as a “recreational cocoon,” Le Nid or “The Nest” is a bar along Rue Saint-Martin that lets you play Monopoly or Scrabble with drinks. They also feature a shop where you can buy the board game you just played or any newly released titles.

La Belle Hortense


Paris used to be a haven for some of the world’s most educated individuals. Although its reputation as a bookworm paradise has slowly waned, there are still some establishments that cater to book-lovers. Take for example La Belle Hortense, a bookshop and cafe along Rue Vieille du Temple. Amidst the bustling streets of the metropolis, you get to relax with a good book and some fine wine.

Go to the Opera Garnier


Elite Traveler recommends visiting Opera Garnier at night. Its iconic exterior is made up of an array of columns, golden statues, and a glass dome ceiling. These features encase the most photographed hallways and grand staircase in the world. From a beautifully crafted structure during the day, it transforms into a chandelier-lit gilded edifice by sundown.

Due to how impressive the building is, it’s gone on to inspire some famous artworks, most notably Gaston Leroux’s novel The Phantom of The Opera which used the building as its main setting. This tragic tale has become a legend in its own right, and has been adapted into different mediums including a Broadway musical as well as multiple films in recent years. This inspiration has continued through to today, as characters from the 2004 adaptation appeared in the Phantom of the Opera slots game on Slingo. Throughout the years, the story and all its offshoots have undoubtedly contributed to the allure of ‘The Opera’. Imagining it in all its grandeur is one thing; but there’s definitely something to be said for seeing it in person.

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