About Me

Hi! I’m Keani.

 I am 22 years old, and a marketing graduate from Florida International University. I started traveling at a young age with family trips to Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and around the States. I was hooked. While I was in college I wanted to take advantage of my long summer breaks off so I saved up every penny. The following summer I backpacked Europe. 7 countries, 30 days, countless memories. My escapades abroad became a regular occurrence. Friends, classmates, colleagues, and even family were questioning me: how do you afford to travel so much?! The answer was always that I was sacrificing other pleasures (eating out, shopping, fancy gadgets) to afford my soul’s passion of traveling. I have so many funny stories, travel suggestions, and general advice that I wanted to start this blog for other aspiring travelers. There is so much more I want to do and see, so follow me on my adventures around the world! 



 I’m just a girl with a passion for: traveling, talking about traveling, thinking about traveling, writing about traveling, looking at travel photos, planning to travel, and coffee.

Life is short and my bucket list is long so I live by my motto to never stop adventuring!

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